5 Reasons Why San Marcos Wedding Videographers Love To Travel!

5 Reasons Why San Marcos Wedding Videographers Love Traveling!

As San Marcos wedding videographers, we love having the opportunity to travel around the great state of Texas. Texas is such a beautiful state and there is so much to see here! And that is one of the many reasons we enjoyed traveling to San Marcos to Rancho Mirando for Leticia and Obed’s wedding. As their Rancho Mirando wedding videographers, we had the opportunity to experience a new location and be inspired by the new things around us. (One of the new things being Hurricane Harvey rolling through during their wedding!)

Today, we are happy to share with you 5 reasons why San Marcos wedding videographers love to travel.

When your Rancho Mirando wedding videographers are inspired and love variety, you can rest assured that your wedding video will tell your story well. We hope that this inspires you and your fiancé to invest in the right wedding videographers for you!

LOVE: new locations

There are wedding venues that we film at on a regular basis. Then there are those that we have never filmed at. Either way, we make sure that no video is the same from the last that we’ve done. New locations that we’ve never filmed at keep us inspired.

LOVE: to travel 

Traveling is one of our favorite things to do. A lot like filming in new locations, traveling to areas we haven’t filmed before keeps things fresh for us. It gets us out of our element to try new things.

LOVE: to see what else is out there

Every city and town in Texas offers something special. From the coast up to the hill country, there’s always something new to take in. Having the opportunity to soak in all of the things we don’t see on a regular basis keeps us on our toes. Taking advantage of locations that we don’t use every day is a huge plus when filming.

LOVE: to be inspired by what’s around

Being around scenery that we don’t see every day, it inspires us to get out of any comfort zone that we may be in. Being Leticia and Obed’s San Marcos wedding videographers gave us the chance to do just that. Not only were we filming in during a storm, but being at Rancho Mirando and filming their love opened our hearts to the newness all around.

LOVE: the variety

While there are many locations that we film at on a regular basis, there are so many places we have yet to go to. Having the variety not only inspires us, but it helps you see the different things we can do as your Rancho Mirando wedding videographers.

While searching for your wedding videographers, keep Two Hearts Studios in mind! We are passionate about what we do and as you can see, love to travel. So, no matter where your wedding may be, you can count on us!

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