Googling Houston Wedding Videography?

Googling Houston Wedding Videography?

Here’s one of the many reasons why your search is over!

In line with our high quality photography, prints, photobooths, and more, Two Hearts Studios offers Houston Wedding Videography for those who want those intimate and special moments on video too!

Not Your Typical Wedding Video

When we’re shooting your wedding, we don’t just pick a spot, put a camera on a tripod, press record, and stand there for the next 4-8 hours. With our standard video package*, we use a shooting method described as “shoot to edit.” This means that our goal is to make your wedding look like a short film! We capture different angles, use high-quality equipment, and use movie-level editing processes to turn your wedding day into a clean and crisp 5-10 minute wedding movie starring you and your lover!

*We also offer an Extended Wedding Film package, which includes the entire day in a 45 to 60 minute video

A Movie You Will Treasure Forever

Not to take away from the necessity of wedding photos, but there are certain moments and emotions that don’t have the same effect on photo as they do in video. Like when a groom raises his head to gaze down the aisle, and sees his soon-to-be wife, with a smile of euphoria and footsteps of grace and joy, walking forward. You see his face, wincing because it is trying it’s hardest to fight back the tears of joy. Joy from the memories of their first date, their first kiss, those awkward moments, those fights that brought them even closer, and – most of all – the moment he realized he truly loved her and would never stop. That’s when you see a tear trail down his cheek. Moments like that, from start to finish, can’t be captured on photos because photography is a snapshot of what occurred, while a video is a visual moving recollection of what happened. This is why we know that this will be a movie you will treasure forever!

For a Price We Know You’ll Love

If you’ve gotten to know us by now, you already know that Two Hearts Studios Offers the best bang for your buck! We always offer competitive pricing matched with high quality work for the those on a budget so that you can afford to LOVE your wedding film and photos!

For more examples, check out our YouTube page for more! And to book us for your wedding, contact us at 832-329-3042 or email us at!


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