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Telling Your Story Through Engagement Photos Houston
& Some Advice About The Hard Stuff

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Your engagement is one of the most special times in your life. This is the time when you get to plan your dream wedding and bring it to life. How exciting is that? As wedding photographers, specializing in engagement photos Houston, one thing we tend to see is other people try to chime in and tell the couple what to do. While the outside party may just be trying to help, there is a difference between controlling the wedding planning or helping the couple make their dreams a reality.

Tell YOUR story!

It’s important that you and your fiancé are able to tell your story throughout your wedding. That begins with engagement photos Houston. Adding a little flare, showcasing your personalities and unique styles will really benefit you throughout your whole wedding planning process. If it seems impossible or difficult right now, I promise it will get better and it will be worth it! Like the Houston engagement photos featured here today, you can see how much fun they had, the happiness they share, and how their styles compliment one another! This is the beginning of them setting the tone of their wedding planning.

“You will never have this day again. So make it count.”

While yes, some things throughout the wedding planning may stress you out. But don’t worry, that doesn’t have to set the tone for the rest of the planning! Is your mom not a huge fan of the colors you chose? Does your bridesmaid not like a hairstyle that you picked out? While those comments and concerns may pop up when you are in the middle of something else, not ready to deal with what everyone else is saying, it’s the perfect time to practice something like this bride spoke about here. Even if you, as the bride, are stressing out or not, this is an excellent piece of advice to read as you interact with those that are trying to help or even trying to take control. When you are doing specific things for your wedding planning, remember that you won’t have that day again, so make it count!

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