We Love Telling Stories With Houston Wedding Films

Telling Your Love Story With Houston Wedding Films

Everyone’s love story is completely different. That is just one reason why we love what we do as wedding videographers. No one couple is the exact same. And that makes us so excited to tell the story of each couple that we work closely with. That means that each of the Houston wedding films that we create will be completely different from the last.

From beginning to end, you can count on Two Hearts Studios to be there with you! Here are a few things that we love to capture and have included in each wedding video!

Getting ready

These are some of the most important moments of anyones wedding day. We love to be there as you both are getting ready, adjusting ties, putting on your shoes, and getting that veil in just the right place. It’s in those moments, surrounded by friends and family, laughing and crying, that you prepare for the biggest day of your life.

Your wedding venue

You picked your wedding venue because you fell in love with it. And all of your details will fit into it just right, like they were meant to be there all along. We go to each place at your venue, from the ceremony to the reception hall, and get footage of every detail before anyone enters and sees.

Your ceremony and reception

From every word of your vows, every tear shed, and each kiss you’ve shared, will be filmed in such a way that will take you back to that exact moment. With each of the Houston wedding films we do, we always make sure that you’re going to see the sweet moments from your ceremony and reception all over again. It’s wonderful to look back on each dance and the toasts that were given at your wedding.

We truly believe that investing Houston wedding films is something that you won’t regret. We have had couples come back to us, wishing that wedding videography was at their wedding. Hear all about that here.

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