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Specializing in wedding photography, we know how important this time in your life is. You’re planning, searching, and pricing everything. You’re finding that perfect dress and that perfect suit. It’s such an amazing time! While you’re getting ready to say your “I do’s,” don’t forget about finding your wedding photographer!

Your Wedding Photography Is Our Priority

Your wedding is so important to us, that with our staff of experienced photographers, we can ensure that your wedding photography is in the best hands in Houston. We love what we do and we desire to have that show through the work that we produce. Our amazing photographer, Jill, recently photographed the wedding featured today. It took place at the beautiful Raveneaux Country Club in Spring, Texas. You can see in the imagery on display here that Kyle and Susan’s wedding was a day to remember. You can see the excitement and love on everyones faces. With your wedding photography being our top priority, you can rest assured that we will creatively capture your day with passion and ease, telling the story of your love.

Your Details Help Tell Your Story

From the flowers you chose, to the colors on display, and all of the little details around your wedding for all to see, truly tells the story of you as a couple. One of our favorite things to capture at each wedding we photograph are the details. Everything from the floral arrangements, to the dresses, to the things like the golfer’s hat and golf ball that you can see in the images today. When you put thought and work into something important, like your wedding, you want it photographed!
(Pro tip: Have all of the accessories that you’re wearing or things that you want detail photos of set aside for your photographer! This ensures that things run smoothly and helps everyone make sure that there will be photos of those items! Of course, as professionals, we will ask for these items, but it always helps to have things prepared!)

Us here at Two Hearts Studios are passionate about what we do. We can’t wait to help make your wedding photography dreams a reality!

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