Why Houston Wedding Videographers Love The Crystal Ballroom

All About The Crystal Ballroom And Why Houston Wedding Videographers Love This Venue!

For many years, we have teamed up with The Crystal Ballroom. We have helped many couples wedding videography dreams come to life at this beautiful venue. Being Houston wedding videographers is something we are incredibly proud to be. Not just because of the amazing couples we get to work with, (although that is our number one reason!) but because of the great venues and vendors we gladly work with at each wedding.

Why do we love The Crystal Ballroom?

One reason we love this venue is because it offers so much to the couples that tie the knot or hold their reception there. It’s not only a historic location, but it’s the Downtown Houston ballroom that everyone is drawn to.

The unique elements it offers.

There are so many different elements that this venue offers. Not only to us as Houston wedding videographers, but to the couples that are getting married there. There’s the variety of rooms to use to get different types of video footage. The balcony that wraps all the way around, while surrounded by the beautiful architecture that Houston has to offer. And we can’t forget about the windows! The beautiful windows at The Crystal Ballroom are a dream come true for wedding videographers. They let in all of the beautiful light during the daytime for the perfect natural light footage.

Dancing has never been more exciting!

Imagine being at a Downtown Houston wedding, surrounded by the life of the city, dancing to your favorite song with your favorite people. As Houston wedding videographers, getting that awesome nighttime footage of everyone having fun and creating unique elements with different lights, is something that we enjoy doing.

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