Do’s & Don’ts For Your Engagement Photography Houston

Major Do’s & Don’ts For Your Engagement Photography Houston Session

There are so many things to keep in mind as you are planning out your engagement photography Houston session. A couple of those things would have to be outfit ideas and getting your hair and make up done. While these things are incredibly important, there are some pretty significant “Do’s & Don’ts” to keep in mind as you prepare. And we are going to share a few of those with you today!

DO: Wear outfits that compliment the other!

This can make or break your engagement photos Houston… I promise you that! Wearing outfits that compliment the other will make you feel confident and it makes for beautiful images to display throughout your home and at your wedding!

DON’T: Wear bold prints & patterns

Sometimes, bold prints and patterns can photograph weird. And the last thing we would want for our amazing clients is to not feel great in their engagement photos Houston!

We encourage patterns like lace or small polkadots, but keep the colors complimenting the each other. You can see that Brenda and Leo planned their outfits appropriately for their engagement photography Houston session that is featured here today!

For more info, this Southeast Stylist blog about what to wear for your engagement pictures gives some great advice on the topic! There are also some cute photos featured there that can help inspire your outfit planning!

DO: Get your hair & make up done!

This as an opportunity to do your hair and make up trial run for your wedding! It’s important to connect with your hair and make up artist before your wedding to talk about what you want. So, this is the perfect chance to see how your hair and make up will look on your wedding day and in photographs!

DON’T: Go overboard

You still want to look like yourself! When you invest in a professional hair and make up artist, they know exactly how to style you for your engagement photography Houston session. If you are uncomfortable with your hair and make up for your engagement session, you won’t feel like yourself. And as your engagement photographers, we want to show off who you are! When you feel your best, you will be comfortable with who you are and that will show in each photo taken!

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