3 Must Have Wedding Images From A Houston Wedding Photographer

3 Images You Must Have From Your Wedding!
From A Houston Wedding Photographer

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re planning your wedding… The venue, shoes, dresses, tuxes, vendors… One of those vendors is also your Houston wedding photographer! Although each photographer has their own unique style, there are some things that remain the same across the board.

Usually, each photographer will ensure that they get images of the details, family portraits, and first dances. And of course, with each couple being completely different, that means that there will be some needs that will be different. Even with that being the case, we want to share with you 3 images that you must have from your wedding that you’ll be so happy you got!

1.) Sharing A Moment

This can be a variety of things… A first look, exchanging a gift like Natalie and David did at the Crystal Ballroom, or keeping the groom blindfolded! (That’s always a great one!) And although these moments have become widely popular over the years, we want to remind you that there are more options besides just a first look if you’re not wanting to see each other before the ceremony!

2.) Moments Before Getting Dressed

These are some of the most intimate moments of your wedding day. You’re sharing the minutes before you walk down the aisle with those that are closest to you, getting ready to begin your new life. Sometimes these moments hold a lot of emotion, hugs, and a possible gift exchange between the future newlyweds (like the gift exchange Natalie and David did, but having a bridesmaid deliver the gifts instead!)

Whatever these moments may hold for you, definitely make sure your Houston wedding photographer is there, capturing the whole story of your day!

3.) With Your Getaway Car!

This may vary! Sometimes people leave their reception in classic cars, a limo, or their everyday vehicle. But there’s nothing like having that last photo of you and your new spouse kissing in the getaway car leaving your wedding after your amazing sparkler or confetti exit!

Let Houston wedding photographer at Two Hearts Studios tell your story!

We hope that this helps you! And if you are still on the hunt for your Houston wedding photographer, keep us here at Two Hearts Studios in mind!

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